About Us

The history of PHU GABI dates back to 1991, when it was created as business activities, and then in 1997 it was transformed into a family-run civil law partnership. In 2001, the company was entered in the National Court Register and has been operating as a registered partnership up till now.

Since the beginning of the company we have been mainly dealing with the distribution of sugar and transportation services.

Now the company headquarters are in Czechy, municipality of Zduńska Wola (‎‎Łódź Voivodeship).

This is also the location of offices, such as the sales department, transport and forwarding department, accounting department and the company’s logistic depot with a warehouse and a vehicle service station.

Initially, the core type of activity was mainly sale of sugar. With time, as the business developed, the fleet of heavy goods vehicles was systematically increased and thus another area of the company’s business vibrantly developed – international transport. After the accession of Poland to the European Union we entered into business relations and signed contracts with many companies from the countries of the European Community.

As of today, international transport and sale of sugar are the company’s two main areas of business.